Friday, October 7, 2011

iPod Touch 4G - Advantages and Disadvantages

iPod Touch 4G has a very thin body. Supported by the stunning features such as The retina Display, 720p video camera, camera Face Time, Apple processor A4, 3-axis gyroscope. With these powerful features like Ipod Nano 4G iPhone 4 without the ability to call. You can buy an iPod Touch as an alternative to the iphone 4 that the price is quite expensive, the difference is only in its ability to not get to call.

Advantages of iPod Touch 4G :
  • Applications are numerous, because of support from the Apple AppStore.
  • Pretty good video recorder that is HD 720p.
  • Internet access capability is pretty good.
  • The retina Display is very sharp.
  • Supported Multitouch
  • The screen is very responsive both to play games or just to simply type.
  • Gaming is extraordinary, both from the graph, and the gameplay.
  • 3-axis gyroscope and accelerometer to support when playing games.

Disadvantages iPod Touch 4G :
  • Screen or the screen is not as clear as the iPhone 4, when viewed from a narrow angle which would appear to be dim.
  • The images from the camera is not good.
  • Unable to transfer songs and videos from a PC without iTunes.
  • Does not support many formats to player.
  • Casing back easy to heat and scratches and easily become dirty due to fingerprints
  • The battery is very wasteful and can not use the battery backup.
  • External memory no      
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