Monday, October 10, 2011

Elephant Leviathan Gaming Mouse

Elephant Leviathan Gaming Mouse introduced by yg super affordable price, but with a very good quality, body weight and the mouse fits in the hand, not small and not too big. All the buttons are also feels soft scroll whell including its very convenient to use. Selection of DPI is also very practical to do (On The Fly), with no software. For a different DPI settings each have a different color LEDs, the LED will die if the DPI is in the position of 800dpi, the blue LED in the position if there is 1200dpi, the LED will be red if there is in the position and the LED will 1800DPI purple when in position 2600DPI.

Mousepad who carried on as a bonus also has a very solid quality, like a mousepad are expensive but thinner, lower surface the mousepad is also made ​​of a rubber material so abrasive on the table or any surface, while the upper part of the fabric quality, so using Elephant leviathan above the surface of the mousepad is very enjoyable. Left side buttons can also be in custom mouse although it does not provide software in it.

Elephant Leviathan is a very solid gaming mouse to size the price is relatively very cheap (including quality mousepad). Macro functions can also be run with its own downloadable software can reply. Performance and quality that far exceeds the price offered, for those who want to feel the sensation of a mouse games that cheap but reliable, it never hurts to try.